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Celebrating a Milestone- VanderRose Magazine

Updated: Mar 10

This cover photo is another photo taken after the image in the previous post, this was when the snow cleared but a few snowflakes remain on her hair. We used this image as the cover photo, and cover story, for our inaugural issue of VanderRose Magazine. There are some incredible photos in this issue, plus a travel section and some fun things about Ireland since it is March after all. The adaptability of Krystal, the model, and how her ability to be adaptable created the most captivating images. She looks strong, confident, and magical in the elements. Empowerment and confident can come from overcoming challenges in life, and it seems nature often has a hand in some challenges we face, although nature is also where we can escape our everyday life and feel who we are in our soul again. The wind blowing our hair, the smell of the ocean, the feel of sand in our toes, or even the smell of pine forests in the mountains helps us connect with who we really are. It is in this environment we can tap into our inner knowing, our inner goddess, and confidence. The world puts so many labels on us, without getting away from it all and connecting with nature, we keep a connection to our inner soul. Wishing each of you moments in nature feeling alive and authentic, and welcome to VanderRose Magazine, which will publish the first of every month. Stay tuned for more! Model: Krystal Elen Photographer: VanderRose Gown: VanderRose

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