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VanderRose Publications

U.S. and International Publications

Not only do we publish our own Magazine, we also have been featured in magazines in both the US and Europe. We build relationships with other creators in the industry and build our brand across many mediums. We are honored to be featured to so many markets.

OFFTOWN Magazine, 2023

Legendary Model, 2021

Social Shutterflie, June 2021

Off Town, Nov. 2021

OFFTOWN Magazine, 2023

Prestige UK, 2021

Social Shutterfli, 2021

Off Town, Sept. 2021

StyleCruz, March 2024 (Vol. 788)

Social Shutterfli, 2021

Legendary Model Magazine, 2021

Edith, December 2021

2021 International Photo Awards

Winner Honorable Mention - Portrait Category

The International Photography Awards include photographers from over 125 countries and literally thousands of submissions. We are truly appreciative of this honor.

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