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VanderRose Photography

We customize your experience to capture your vision and make it reality through photography; Capturing Life's Beautiful Moments Creatively

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VanderRose is known for creativity and impeccable quality in creating a fantasy experience where each clients feels beautiful and empowered. The result is not only an incredible experience, but photos that are treasured for a lifetime. 


As part of the experience, we include an extensive array of gowns and accessories for each client.


Read on to explore some sample of our work.  Book your consultation and start planning your fantasy shoot with us today! 

Our philosophy is photos should capture the beauty and light that is natural in each of us. It is our job to draw on that inspiration and reflect the timeless joy of the moment.

Capturing Courage

Capturing Courage is an initiative to provide women who have overcome tremendous challenges in life to see the beauty and strength that is within and to celebrate their victories. The photos are a lasting reminder of the courage and bravery they have had to get to where they are and continue to inspire others.


Sarah Navarre

Artist, Visionary & Creator  of the VanderRose Brand

VanderRose is a brand inspired by all things empowering, beautiful, magical and that remind us of the strength and beauty that resides in each of us. 

Sarah Navarre is the founder and a creative force behind the VanderRose brand who has transferred years of creativity into designing gowns for runways and photography transforming the wearer into a moving piece of art.   She also utilizes this talent through the camera lens curating artistic and personal photography sessions for individuals, couples and families that capture the inner light that shines from each soul. 


Her work has been published in the US and internationally. She is creative  and not afraid to push the boundaries of the possible. Read on to explore the full portfolio of VanderRose. 

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