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About VanderRose

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Be Empowered

VanderRose is a brand inspired and driven by empowerment to allow the subject to see themselves in a new and empowered way. We are multi-published photographers, publishers, & luxury designer. We offer VanderRose Magazine, luxury gowns, empowering photography, plus family, engagement, maternity, events and commercial photography. 

The Magazine: We publish VanderRose Magazine and are proud to highlight models we work with, fashion, runways, beauty, events and travel.  

Couture Gowns: We design and offer gowns that give women the opportunity to wear something spectacular that makes her feel like a goddess. Gowns are available as a custom order. 

Photography: We offer a full range of photography and specialize in sessions customized to the client or individual to create the most meaningful photos as possible.  We create a fantasy setting to allow the individual to see a new version of him/herself.  The benefit of this is for clients to have images emphasizing celebrating overcoming challenges, finding strength and courage, or simply seeing how beautiful they actually are. 


Inspiration: Everything around us is inspiration for the art we create, and an expression of an imaginary world filled with beauty, light, joy and all with a touch of the surreal, fantasy, and magic.

Join us as we create enchanted art together and bring your creative vision to life! 

VanderRose Creator

Meet the Creators of VanderRose

Sarah Navarre & Mike Wolf

Our VanderRose Team

Sarah Navarre

Founder, Designer, Photographer, Artistic Director, & Editor in Chief

Sarah Navarre is the founder, designer, and creator of the VanderRose brand and is passionate about empowering clients and creating living art. She holds an MBA and MPH from Westminster College, and undergrad in International Culture from BYU Hawaii.  She has hosted events for over 20,000 attendees and broadcast in over 180 countries while working in Major League Soccer, Real Salt Lake.  She also has launched products on a global scale, traveled extensively, and has years of experience in global business.  She now takes that creative energy and designs gowns, is a photographer, art director, and editor of VanderRose Magazine. 


Sarah creates luxury gowns that have graced the ruwnay in New York, but most importantly designs gowns that transform clients into living art that is empowered and beautiful; it helps them see themselves in a whole new way. Our goal is to make sure that you have an unforgettable experience with us and leave feeling confident and radiant.

Mike Wolf

Co-Owner, Business Operations, Sponsorship, Partnerships, Logistics & Photographer

Mike Wolf leads the business side of the VanderRose brand by leading logistics, operations, as well as photographer, and collaboratively driving the brand strategy.


Mike has extensive experience in the sports industry where he has created events and built sports groups for hundreds of attendees. He also has experience photographing a variety of sports. Mike lived in Kona, Hawaii, Miami Beach, FL, both geographical areas with extensive sporting events.


As a former competitive sponsored athlete himself, Mike understands not only the industry overall but also the business side, including hosting events, managing budgets, and creating and maintaining relationships with sponsors. With his experience and expertise, he is able to bring a unique perspective the VanderRose brand is an integral part of the VanderRose team. 

Tiernan Palmer
Tiernan Palmer

New York City Brand Ambassador

Tiernan is our Brand Ambassador in New York City. He is from Colorado, and a a recent graduate from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, a conservatory acting program in Manhattan.  While still in school he assistad VanderRose at their New York Fashion Week debut.  During the event he was absolutely blown away by the beauty and creativity of the gowns and he became a member of the VanderRose team as their New York Brand Ambassador. 

Tiernan was in the perfect place to represent VanderRose at the Team NEGU charity auction at Spyscape museum in Manhattan. The event was a massive success and Tiernan was so happy to be there for VanderRose for this incredible night. He is currently still living and working in NYC as an actor, and as VanderRose’s New York Representative. He is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work with his incredibly talented team at VanderRose and be able to represent the company in one of the fashion capitals of the world.

David Velazquez

Spokesmodel, Model

David is a multitalented model based in Salt Lake City, Utah – blending a passion for writing, singing, dancing and fitness with an insatiable appetite for travel. He's the ideal hire for companies looking to add an exciting edge to their projects.

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