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Sarah Navarre is the founder and the creative force behind the VanderRose brand, who has transferred years of creativity into designing gowns initially for use in photography, but has evolved to designs for runways, red carpets, and special events.  Her belief that a gown has the power to transform the individual wearing it to feel empowered, confident, and beautiful is at the heart of her passion that is the driving force behind VanderRose. Her gowns are designed to transform the wearer into a living, moving, piece of art, which she calls, “Art in Motion”.   

Sarah also utilizes this talent through the camera lens curating artistic and customized photography sessions for individuals, couples and families that capture the inner light, strength, and power, that shines from each soul.  She finds inspiration in nature, animals, and often includes owls, or horses in her photography.  She has been featured in publications both within the US and internationally, she has appeared in magazines on news stands in New York and publications in Italy accredited by the Milan Fashion Industry. 

Sarah is a creative force and not afraid to push the boundaries of the possible.  Sarah Navarre, and VanderRose, is honored to be part of the Boise Festival of Trees 2022. 

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