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Be Empowered with VanderRose

Welcome to the VanderRose blog. If you are unfamiliar with VanderRose, we are a brand centered in empowerment in the form of photography, gowns designed for photography, a magazine publication, and events. When a client books a photo session with us, he or she receives a consultation where we discuss what is meaningful to the client and then we go to work creating the scene set up, location, and full wardrobe. We are not just arranging photos, instead we are creating a full experience. The result is a memory of feeling beautiful, powerful and confident. Later when they look at the photos that resulted from the shoot, they remember how they felt and how that beautiful person is them authentically, even if they are not feeling that way at the moment. The details are different for each client as we personalize and create what is meaningful to them.

We invite you to enjoy this journey with us as we continue to bring more empowerment, more confidence-building opportunities, plus beauty, fashion, runways and events we host. Welcome to the magical world of VanderRose.

Model: Noelia Antweiler

Photographer: VanderRose Photography

Gown: VanderRose

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