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Awe-Inspiring and Unstoppable: The Story of Ballerina Catherine Batcheller!

Discover the captivating world of dance through the eyes of ballerina extraordinaire, Catherine Batcheller. From the most prestigious stages across the globe to collaborating with renowned choreographers, Catherine has established herself as a top performer in the ballet world.

As we had the privilege of sitting down with Catherine for an exclusive interview, we gained insights into her remarkable journey and valuable advice as world-class ballerina, instructor, mentor, educator, and performer. Her illustrious career includes performances with acclaimed companies like the San Francisco Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, and Birmingham Royal Ballet, where she has taken on leading roles, including the iconic Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.

Join us as we delve into Catherine's captivating story and discover what it takes to reach the pinnacle of the ballet world. Although we will not give all the details away, we will entice you with a few here!

We met up with Catherine at the historic Capitol Theater in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. This iconic building has been the performing home of Ballet West for decades. We were fortunate enough to meet Catherine Batcheller there for a photo shoot to pair with her intertivew. The image above is Catherine on the steps of the new addition at Capitol Theater. She looks like an absolute goddess in gold down the staircase with gold lights under each step.

In the article we delve into Catherine's beginnings as a young ballet dancer. She was dedicated and loved ballet and before she knew it, she was a member of the San Francisco ballet while still in her teens.

As her journey progressed she danced on the stages of some of the world's most famous performance venues. She may have not gone to school dances or football games as most teens in the U.S. do, but her dedication and talent created a life on stage as an artist and ballerina that most never have the opportunity to do.

One of the comments she we found intriguing is, “Dancers become these sublime creatures on stage that seem to inhabit another world altogether", Catherine Batcheller Yet, magic like this does not just happen by imagining it, I expect it takes a tremendous amount of work, time, dedication, talent and so much more to become one of those dancers who appear to be elegantly floating in tulle across the stage. This example reminds me of how anyone who is a professional in any capacity can make things "look easy". Yet, appearances often are not accurate because the truth behind it all is that becoming an expert, or world-class in any capacity, takes years of education, work, training, all of the behind-the-scenes dedication to create the perspective of making things look so easy.

The photo above is one of our favorites! Our lavender gown that has over 1600 Austrian crystals added by hand, I vividly recally the hours addiing them by hand before New York Fashion Week. Yet, it fit her perfectly and highlights her head-to-toe elegance and timeless beauty. On top of that, she is as lovely inside and she is on the outside.

Catherine now is one of six Principal Faculty members teaching, coaching and mentoring students and trainees at the Frederick Quinney Lawson Ballet West Academy’s Ballet Center location in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We are so grateful we had the opportunity to spend time with this elegant artist and world-class ballerina. Gaining insight into her magical world was insightful and inspiring. To read the full article and learn from her wisdom gained by a life on stage is well worth the read and something you do not want to miss out on!

The link to the full article, and full issue, is here:

You can also learn more about Catherine Batcheller on her website:

Enjoy the full article and ballet issue featuring Catherine Batcheller, plus other artists and dancers from around the world.

with elegance,

Sarah Navarre



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