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Say "Hello" to our Holiday Shopping Guide!

Are you looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Our VanderRose holiday shopping guide has you covered with a curated selection of our most popular products! Whether you're shopping for a family member, a colleague, or even yourself, this guide is sure to provide you with the ideal present. We've done the research and found items that are sure to delight, from stylish treasures to gifts for the food aficionado in your life. Get ready to find the perfect gift in no time, and add a little extra joy to the holiday season!

Wuggins Inc. Jewelry is a talented artisan - and a poet too! Every piece of jewelry she makes is unique and crafted with attention to detail, delighting customers with its whimsical charm. Stop by her Etsy store to check out her special creations for yourself! Link to her Etsy store is below.

If you know someone who's a cheese connoisseur, then treat them to something special this holiday from a family-owned artisan cheese company based in Idaho. Its roots come from the family's small-batch production in Cyprus, making it a truly unique experience. If you haven't heard of Halloumi, you're in for a treat. It's something like feta cheese but made with goat's milk, and is delicious when grilled. So why not order a few for gifts and one or two for yourself? You'll be glad you did when you're cozied up at home, watching your favorite holiday movie and snacking on a warm, melty Halloumi sandwich.

If you have not heard of Richie Norton then stop what you're doing...reading this blog...and google him! We recently have been reading his newest book Anti-Time Management and find the insight to be exactly what we are missing right now. You will absolutely be hooked on his insightful, and potentially life-changing advice on re-thinking how we think about time, where our focus is, and how much life we are actually living. Definitely check this book out...and other books by Richie Norton. You can find this book on Amazon!

Do you have a product, or brand, that is your absolute weakness? I have a few, but this one is literally the one that stops me in my tracks. It's called Mythologie Candles and their candles are great, but what they are even better at is creating an emotional connection to their story and product. Each product line, or fragrance collection of candles, is based on literature with a large fan base, Lord of the Rings for example, among many others. Camelot, King Arthur, Lady of the Lake for example, Cottage Core, and Dark Academia to name a few.

A couple of my favorite books are Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights; those Bronte sisters capture me with their intriguing and timeless tales, the windswept moors, and female characters who are complex and ahead of their time. This vibe is throughout the Dark Academia Collection where I dream of times long ago when hand-written calligraphy, cobblestone streets, carriages, lanterns, and old libraries were part of a quieter life.

Every collection without fail has me eagerly awaiting its release and purchasing yet more candles inspired by timeless tales, inspiring heroes, and quieter times. Warning though...if you adventure down this realm you may be hooked on this brand!

With parties coming up, New Year's Eve Masquerade balls to attend, one needs the perfect gown to make her mark at the event. At VanderRose, we create gowns with elegance and individuality in mind. We have several now arrivals to add to our new Gala Collection. This gold gown can be made in any size, and in gold (as shown) but also in red, silver, holographic shades of blue, royal blue and green. Check out our available gowns, or reach out as we often have new gowns arriving that have not yet been added to the website product section yet.

There are so many chocolate companies out there, many bean to bar artisan chocolates, some waxy chocolate that's not so great, or those mystery chocolates you may remember from childhood. However, out of all my travels in the Europe and in the US, my absolute favorite that I hold above all others is Cummings Studio Chocolates. They are family owned, hand dipped in the finest chocolate.

My mom and I traditionally LOVE, and I mean "saying Cummings in hushed tones" kind of LOVE, their dark cherry chocolates. These are so absolutely different than those ones with pink goo all around the inside. However, whichever type of chocolate treat is your favorite this chocolate studio is...well...exquisite and worth EVERY PENNY! They do ship across the US, but plan ahead as they get extremely busy. Or, they are located in downtown Salt Lake City on 900 S. 700 E. Stop in for the holidays, or save the spend on Valentines. Fingers crossed there's a black box with gold writing on it with a few cherries for me under the tree.

Finally, our last suggestion is the gift of confidence that comes along with one of our Empowering Photo Shoots. So often we meet women, men too, who have insecurities about how they look, or don't really see themselves as strong, powerful, beautiful and confident. We offer photo shoots that include a stunning gown from our extensive collection, use of accessories from our treasury, and we curate every detail of this shoot for this individual.

We want the whole experience to be memorable and energizing. When the look at the photos they may see themselves in a new and beautiful way. Later when they're not feeling so beautiful, they can look at the images and be reminded of who they are on this inside and that can give them courage and strength when they need it.

Keeping the entire experience fun, stress free, and safe to be vulnerable is what we aim to give every single person we work with. Take a chance on yourself and splurge a bit if you'd like a photo shoot for yourself. If you know someone who can use a boost, this is a thoughtful gift that will last long after the experience is done. Each shoot is a little different and we offer a variety of packages to choose from including having full hair and makeup included in the package. Email us to book, or buy a gift certificate for someone you love.

We hope you check out a few of the brands or products highlighted in this guide. We do not have any sponsorship or support from any of these, they simply are products we love and buy and have confidence in to recommend to our readers. Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season from us at VanderRose.


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