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Tender Treasures Exclusive Portrait Sessions

I'm a firm believer your home should reflect those whom live within its walls, and our homes are our refuge from all of the challenges in everyday life. I believe in making our home as peaceful as possible and where our souls can be nurtured, we spend quality time with the ones that mean the most, and create memories together. In this, I'm a firm believer the decor in your home needs to reflect these very things.

Decorating for a peaceful atmosphere at home does not need to cost much, keeping what we have in good repair, finding treasures here and there, displaying treasures that are heirlooms, and most importantly displaying art that is inspiring and reflects not only our beliefs but also captures joyous moments in time.

With this concept in mind, we have put together something very special! We are collaborating with an actor who very much resembles artistic impressions of Jesus, and who also has a very calm personality and demeaner that reflects peace and calm in photos. He is kind enough to play the role of Jesus in a these exclusive portrait sessions to offer meaningful art for your home.

Children and adults of any age are welcome! The only date we are booking for right now is March 23, 2024 in the late afternoon. Don't miss out on this opportunity to have a portrait grace your walls of your children, or those you love this Easter season

The Details:

Celebrate Easter in a truly special way this year with VanderRose.

We are proud to partner with a talented actor to capture stunning photography featuring your children with Jesus.

These one-of-a-kind pieces will add a meaningful and spiritual touch to any home. Limited availability due to the actor’s limited availability.

Don't miss this opportunity to join VanderRose and create art that will truly resonate with your heart and soul. Book now for an Easter experience like no other.

Date: March 23, 2024

DM with question, book directly on our website.

Cost: $600,

($300 deposit required to hold your timeslot. Remaining $300 due March 17.)

We'd love to have you join us for this special portrait session.

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