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The Athena Scarf by VanderRose

The story and inspiration behind the design:

The Athena scarf is an ode to grandeur and empowerment. Drawing inspiration from Ancient Greek columns, angels' wings, and luxurious red and gold tones, this is the first of its kind. Plus, its beautiful pattern is defined by our very own roses. Step into your power and be the statement-maker you were born to be with this beautiful piece of fashion history. Shop now and make the Athena scarf yours!

We are taking pre-orders for the scarf and they will arrive by the first week of February, in plenty of time for a Valentine's Day gift, or a gift to wrap yourself in luxury.  To order your scarf:  


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The Athena Scarf In the Studio

The Athena Scarf is a must-have accessory that offers endless styling options for any occasion. Its high-quality materials ensure both style and comfort, making it a versatile statement piece and addition to any wardrobe.  Elegant, refined, timeless, yet unique and versatile. The Athena Scarf by VanderRose

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