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Fashion Show

Utah Fashion Weeks by VanderRose 2024

October 2024

Registration OPENING SOON

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Fashion Epicenter

In the heart of Utah comes the iconic Utah Fashion Weeks launching October 2024.  Details on location, applications for designers, models, sponsorship, entertainment & media coming soon. Curated by the visionary team at VanderRose, the inaugural fashion event promises to be an innovative blend of fashion, art, beauty, innovation, and sustainability. The event is endorsed by official proclamation and is intended to bring all industry professionals, such as buyers, talent agents, models, photographers, from the U.S. and internationally to place Utah among the leading fashion cities around the world.  

Fashion Show
Fashion Show

Our Designers

The week unfolds with a curated lineup of designers, both emerging and established, each bringing their unique flair to the runway. Modeling talent, photography, videography, and entertainment with events running the full week. Check back for details as they become available. 


Fashion Design
Business Meeting
A Young woman in a recording studio
Model Pose
Florist at work
Makeup Artist
Hair & Makeup Artist
Photographer at work
Photographer & Video
Art Dancer
News Cameras

Beyond The Runway

Utah Fashion Weeks 2024 is set to push creative boundaries with a mix of opportunities to create a valuable week of learning and networking opportunity.  VanderRose will host not only runway events, but also photography events, photo shoots, and workshops you won't want to miss. The focus and topics on sustainable fashion, cultural fashion, giving opportunity for student designers to showcase, plus the artistic aspect that will be part of the artistic renaissance happening in Utah now. Check back for more as details are announced.  

Elevating Fashion

As cities in Utah anticipate the excitement of Utah Fashion Weeks by VanderRose is championed by the Utah-based fashion design and photography brand, VanderRose. Attendees and fashion enthusiasts worldwide are invited to immerse themselves in this celebration of style, innovation, and culture. UFW by VanderRose 2024 is not just a fashion event; it’s a movement, a statement, and a testament to the ever-evolving world of fashion. Each presentation, each collection, resonates with the heartbeat of this city known for its innovation, industry and boundless creativity. As the curtains rise and the lights shine, UFW by VanderRose stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for the future of global fashion.

This Season's Partners
To Be Announced Soon

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