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Learning to Make Lemonade from Life's Lemons:

This captivating image was taken on a spring day that was cloudy but no anticipation of rain, let alone snow. Yet, we were shooting some new gowns by a lake and were very surprised by the dramatic change in weather. Out of the blue heavy snow, the big fat floaty kind of snowflakes, began to fall, then grew thicker. Krystal just rolled with the change in weather and danced in the snow flakes. I wrapped something over my camera to protect it and kept shooting.

In those moments we captured this epic shot that is the epitome of dancing in the snow, which is a metaphor of making the best of whatever circumstances we are in. We could have taken cover and waited for it to pass, yet we would have missed this incredible shot. In life, what are the things we avoid? What are the things we can do to make the best of the situation and thrive? In this case it was our adaptability and willingness to be uncomfortable, okay covered in snow was more like it. We knew we would dry off, the car would be warm, this situation was temporary, as all uncomfortable situations are. The lesson, embrace the difficulties life gives us, be uncomfortable for a short time, take the lessons from each difficult situation and basically make lemonade from lemons.

model: Krystal Elen

photographer: Sarah Navarre, VanderRose Photography

Gown: VanderRose

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