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VanderRose on the Runway; New York Fashion Week

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Become Living Art

VanderRose is a brand inspired and driven by empowerment to allow the subject to see themselves in a new and empowered way. We are a luxury gown designer,  multi-published photographers, & publishers. In addition to stunning gowns that have graced the New York Fashion Week runway, we offer VanderRose Magazine, empowering photography, plus event, family, engagement, maternity,  and commercial photography. 

The Magazine: We publish VanderRose Magazine and are proud to highlight models we work with, fashion, runways, beauty, events and travel.  

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Photographers & Models of All Level

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Photographers & Models of All Skills Levels

Luxury Gowns & Accessories

Luxury Gowns & Accessories
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VanderRose Magazine

VanderRose Magazine
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Fine Art
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"I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into something magical."



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Matila Lavulo

Matila Lavulo

Since meeting VanderRose's owner and manager, Sarah Navarre, I have been published in 8 different magazines, felt my most comfortable and beautiful in their dresses, and have astonished myself with how truly majestic a natural glow and gorgeous gown can make me look and feel. All thanks to a great environment set up by the photographer/designer, I have been able to accomplish these things.

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