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Embrace your unique personality with this elegant Vivienne Gown. Crafted with utmost creativity, this gold metallic gown is an absolute stand out for any occasion. The square neckline and off-shoulder sleeve presents a chic style statement that is second to none.


This luxury garment is a testament to unique designs and fabric selection, with every thread and hem lining meticulously thought out. The Vivienne Gown isn't just a dress, it's an experience. Wrap yourself in this exquisite creation and feel the sheer elegance it brings. Attention to every detail has been given in the process of creating this masterpiece, ensuring that each stitch complements the design and your style.


The exciting mix of the classic and the contemporary, the traditional and the unconventional makes it an irresistible choice. This gown is not just a piece of clothing, but an expression of YOU. Be unique, be noticed, be admired.


This gown can be made to any size range or measurements. Lead time is ~4-6 weeks. 


Photo credit: Heather Tabacchi

The Vivienne Gown

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